“I am very pleased to recommend Michael Wilson, as the architect responsible for the orchestra expansion project at the Stratford Festival Theatre, for achieving for the first time in my memory a successful format for the integration of live musicians with the stage.”
Stanley Silverman, Composer, New York

“I must say that Michael’s understanding of my feelings has been extraordinary, He has quickly captured the essence of the old and the new and yet has maintained a practical approach to the cost of construction. I strongly urge you to select Michael Wilson as your architect. His dedication and creativity are of the highest caliber.”
Erla Boyer, Gallery Indigene, Stratford

“I found Michael not only to be an able architect but a gentleman who was sensitive to the needs of the theatre. (…) I have had the opportunity to work with architects of international reputation on similar projects. Michael does not pale by comparison. I believe that given the opportunity he can become one of the worlds major theatre architects.”
John Leberg, General Manager, Canada Opera Company

“Having been in practice for almost 30 years and having taught architecture in the university, I have worked with many architects in different countries; you will find that Michael and Joseph are unique in their concern for their clients, unique also because they listen (unusual) and will strive to provide you with a building design that extends beyond the programme brief.”
Peter Hamilton, Architect, Toronto

“Aggressive and resourceful in his analysis or our unusual needs, going to exceptional lengths to acquire the specific information in order to address our requirements, I always felt that our project was given his constant attention. We are excited about our new facility, and have appreciated the talents and ingenuity Michael has given the design.”
Wendy Atkinson, Director Optimism Place

“Their ideas were innovative, practical and cost effective. Their recommendation was well supported and defended and acceptable to all parties. I was personally impressed with the manner in which the firm blended program philosophy and mission with the physical requirements.”
D. M. Page, Regional Director, Ministry of Correctional Services