Michael graduated from the university of Toronto, School of Architecture in 1984.
Exposure and interest in music, art and extensive travel since childhood, has given Michael a solid background and educated platform for his practice. Skills developed prior to graduating university working as a Luthier now transcend into imaginative structural and acoustical solutions in his building designs.

Apprenticing with Boigon & Armstrong Architects in Toronto, and Kyles Kyles and Garratt Architects in Stratford, led to the start of his private practice in 1993. Since that time, Michael has worked as a designer, collaboratively with numerous local and international architectural and engineering firms.

Michael’s broad-based experience includes institutional, cultural, commercial and recreational applications. He brings an appreciation for natural systems and the environment to master planning, adaptive re-use of space and interior design. His passion and expertise in assembly space and room acoustics has been showcased in the design and renovation of renowned drama and opera theatres. He has honed his design skills on a variety of institutional and administrative projects, all of which leverage sustainable concepts.

His creative process begins with a careful and thorough understanding of the client’s aspirations and an exploration of ideas. His work culminates in the delivery of a design that ultimately exceeds the program brief yet meets agreed upon budgets and timeframes.